T & C for Virtual Second Opinion

There is no need to use video when an online consultation, email or telephone call is sufficient. Please note that virtual consultation is no substitute for physical consultation.

Medical Report
For the second opinion, initial Medical report (typed) must be emailed prior to virtual consultation, with your queries and questions regarding the suggested management by the initial doctor.

The actual physical exam from the primary doctor must have been done within 1 month.

Identity of the Patient
Confirm the patient’s identity by showing Emirates Id/ passport and introduce family members attending the consultation (even those off camera).

The consent of the patient is implied by them accepting the invitation and entering the video consultation. Both parties need to confirm and record their consent for a video consultation and confirm whether the consultation is being audio or video recorded.

The need for privacy around the practitioner’s screen is ensured that no one can view or overhear the call without the consent of the patient.

Please note
If it is not possible to adequately assess a patient’s condition in this way, we will consider if a face-to-face consultation to examine the patient.
Session will not extend beyond 10 min, so please be specific in your query. Know your equipment, ensure good connection and avoid disturbances.
No written report will be given on the basis of virtual consultation. Opinion will be based on the best practise and will depend on facts mentioned in your medical report.

About Second Opinions

It’s difficult to determine the value of second and third opinions. While the second opinion is often an exercise in reas¬surance, it may well reveal a diagnostic error. If the consultation corrects a misdiagnosis or rec¬ommends an evidence-based strategy for treatment, then it improves patient care. If the second opinion results in a less costly treatment or averts inappropriate surgery or medicine, then it is cost-effective. While second opinions might help an individual patient, we don’t yet know if they lead to better health outcomes.

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